As a result-oriented overseas education facilitator we understand that for an overseas university or institution, ultimately it is the quality of students that turn up for admissions that matter, hence we employ concerted marketing campaigns and strategies that precisely target the right set of students, one that creates awareness and generate interest about your institution, its courses, unique selling propositions etc. We also make use of our effective partnerships with leading Medias, NGOs, educationalist and academic fraternity that aid your long term brand positioning while fulfilling your long term as well as short term recruitment objectives. Such innovative, highly scalable approach set us miles apart from scores of organizations in the domain. Please breeze through to know the benefits of associating with us and our general mode of operation.

  • Top notch overseas education facilitator having an experience of 13 + years with strong base in Kerala and presence in high recruitment potential cities of India including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Pune, vizag, Chandigarh Chennai, Guwahati, Cochin, Coimbatore Trivandrum and Calicut.
  • Capitalize on our Pan Indian market knowledge, strong expertise and local resources to identify and deliver academically bright Indian students from different regions of India who are in the pursuit of courses offered by reputed overseas institutions
  • Capacity to conduct Pan India publicity campaign promoting your institution and programs through our regional offices and associates using extensive media platforms (both regional and national) to ensure awareness about your institution and various programs offered by it to ensure optimum recruitment of students
  • Periodic conduct of overseas education expos, fairs and conclaves in association with leading media houses of concerned regions offering special avenues to our partner institutions to promote their brand and course offerings during the expo and also mass media campaign conducted as run up towards the expo. ref our last concluded overseas education expo www.overseaseducationexpo.com
  • Professional & Certified team of 150+ employees with dedicated departments to handle counseling, Admission Facilitation, Visa processing, Pre departure orientation, travel and post landing assistance , International relations ,Marketing ,IT, Market research etc led by international education/ immigration experts working in line with governments, regulatory agencies.
  • Make use of our High end software updated regularly by our in house IT department to help educate internal staff and targeted public about your programs, admissions deadlines etc, with provisions to offer access to your in country representative on demand to track every details with regard to the number of candidates expected in each intake, progression of admissions and all required information on your fingertips.
  • Facilitating conduct of direct interviews, eligibility test, media interactions, communication facilities like Skype as and when required for potential candidates at our Corporate office and branches which can be scheduled according to the visit date of your representative along with follow-ups ,facilitation of credential checking ,intimation and further facilitation of admission process as per the direction received from you from time to time
  • A team of in-house marketing and strategic analysis team in place to recommend strategic partnership intended at facilitating large scale recruitment with predetermined targets and duration for India and adjoining countries ensuring a steady number of screened candidates ready for admission, if you desire.

General Mode of operation (Though this can be custom made as per requirement)

  • Seminars to be conducted in schools and colleges in tie up with leading media players, professional bodies, Organizations of the region, creating awareness about your Institution and programs offered. Presentations at special seminars occasions would be scheduled offering opportunities for your representative to take presentations or have interactive sections with the gathered audience
  • A dedicated marketing team would be set up to promote respective institutions represented by us through various avenues like putting up stalls in exhibitions, both regional and national level, generating high footfalls organized by us or by firmly rooted players in the region
  • Promotions making effective utilization of new age media platforms and technology while simultaneously engaging in social media, website promotions , advertisements both print and visual media making use of the promotional materials provided from your end.
  • Promotions through our network of associates and subagents in different parts of the country with whom we have been working on profit sharing basis
  • Our dedicated software with periodic updating would be put to optimum use to educate our employees and targeted public about the institutions we promote, their admission schedules, criteria, admissions process etc from time to time. If required provision for accessing the same would be offered to your in country representative or any one delegated by you to track every details with regard to the number of candidates expected in each intake, progression of admissions and all required information on your fingertips.

Want to know more get in touch with our International relations department department on ir@santamonicaedu.in.