Colleges & Universities

We are a result-oriented student recruitment solution provider that acts as a bridge between highly acclaimed Program Providers and students. We work in partnership with client institutions and help them build and expand business by exploiting effective channels and tools to meet recruitment objectives in a time bound manner. Our wide network helps us in holding exhibitions, seminars and interview programs on a regular basis providing students the opportunity to meet with institution representatives. We take great pain in scrutinizing application for an error-free case to the educational institutes thereby ensuring better chances of consideration of candidates. If you are a Program Provider interested in promoting your specialized education programs in India, with capability to assist, brand, promote and market your programs, we must be your natural choice. For further information please email at we will be pleased to associate with your prestigious institution.

Why associate with us?

  • Promote your programs, in all the mutually agreed regions.
  • Brand your programs in each region by series of actions like.
  • Host seminars & Education fairs.
  • Conduct Campaigns in various colleges, technical Institutions, in association with their guidance cells, giving out awareness programs and various other related plans.
  • Build alliances with leading media houses and associating with their various promotional programs in the domain.
  • Use the Santa Monica web applications resourcefully to support your cause.
  • Make good use of the internet, SMS, emailing and all other technologies to promote your trendy programs in all desired regions.
  • Undertake marketing and advertising, for the programs that you would be offering to the international students.
  • Follow a target-based way of work, considering that you will be jointly working with us, right from the beginning with clear, pre-set targets, which will be quantitative and qualitative, setting high objectives to ensure the attainment of goals proposed.
  • Train and update our counsellors separately for your allocated programs in providing quality assistance to students, closing of files etc.
  • Associate with leading visual & print media and undertake various promotional activities.